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About Us

Kayden's passion for Fashion and Khowen's flair for contemporary design were evident in the store's collection of clothing, and home decor. Hand-painted French pottery coexisted with sleek, modern furniture from American artisans.

The heart of "KHOL&KEMS" is its blog, where Kayden and Khowen shared their experiences and perspectives on culture, travel, and the art of living. They chronicled their journeys through the streets of Marseille and the bustling avenues of New York, inviting readers to embrace the beauty of both worlds.

KHOL&KEMS wasn't merely an online store; it was a celebration of diversity, a testament to the richness that emerges when two cultures converge.

As customers from around the world perused the digital aisles of "KHOL&KEMS," they were drawn into a world of cultural fusion, a place where the essence of Marseille and the spirit of New York danced together in perfect harmony—a testament to the enduring magic of love and shared dreams.